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Default Opening Word doc gives logon prompt

I'm working on a company intranet site that returnes VB script to the browser that is supposed to open an MS Office document in it's native application. The idea being that the users will open the document, amend it and save it back. The folders and documents on the site are secured using ACLs and the IIS6 website uses Windows Integrated Authentication only.

The code being used looks like this
Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
objWord.Visible = True
objWord.Documents.Open ("http:\\\folder\mydoc.doc")

This had been working fine until recently when I started getting reports of users complaining they were getting prompted for a network logon (twice !) at the point where Word opens the document. Whether they supply valid logon details or just cancel the prompts they only ever get a read-only copy of the document opened in Word. I set up a test site with the same authentication menthods where using a URL seems to work fine but my production web-site seems to exhibit the problem all the time.
I changed the URL to a UNC path "\\\folder\mydoc.doc" and this works fine, with no logon prompt appearing.

I was advised to use a URL to help speed up the opening of the document for users in the Far East and South America accessing the web-site hosted in Sweeden but because of the logon prompts & read-only problem I switched to the UNC paths and peformance has dropped considerably leading to other problems.

MS Kb article 225234 seems to indicate the logon prompt and read only problem was fixed in Office SR1 but I have Sp3 on my client.

MS Kb article 308138 says you can't open a word doc for read-write in IE at all, though I'm not sure if it was refering to opening it in a browser Window rather than it's native Word application

Any advice would be appreciated.


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