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Default Server Extension using C++

I am trying to write a server extension DLL to download or graph data. Can anyone help with the following 2 questions, please?

1. In the server context, how can I draw a picture? I should say that I currently have this working in an MFC-derived program, where I've obviously used the CDC class in a view. I can't find any hints anywhere in MS about this. Do I create a bitmap? If so, how do I convert this into a gif file for downloading, and how do I get access to draw on it?

2. I currently create a csv file for downloading the data and then send a redirection message down to the client to point to the file. Is there a way of doing this more efficiently, forcing the client to ask whether to save or open the file. If I need to send more than 1 file, how could I do that?

Many, many thanks to anyone who can help.

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