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Default problems compiler-getting-

They(Adrian Kingley _ Hughes and his wife Kathie) wrote a really good intro to programming which was in the Wrox series-I found the reading wonderful till I got to about page 100-All sorts of mysteries unvieled. Then disaster struck-Their instructions for downloading a Borland compiler were inaccurate. Having like most beginners no mentor to turn to I struggled on-I did initially get a compiler downloaded but their instructions for configuration completely fazed me.
I tried to pick up where I had left off just now-on another machine- The inevitable had happened and the initial machine had returned itself to default care Microsoft.
This time downloading a free Borland seems impossible.
Can anyone tell me what to do and if I can use something other than a Borland c== compiler with the material of this book
Small desperate person
thankyou at least I hope thankyou Penelopy

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