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Default New to Assembly

Hello, my name is Danny and I'm currently a student enrolled in a community college that doesn't have any assembly classes. My major is going to be computer software engineer, or somewhere among the lines of Game Programming, Software Engineering, etc. I was wondering if I could get some info on how to get a headstart on Assembly? I currently purchased a Professional Assembly Language book, however even as a student that has take Visual Basic and C++, understanding Loops, Structures, If/else statements and classes.. I still have no idea what Binary is or what it's used for. These were introductory classes, but I have programmed a good deal of programs ranging from storing data, to pointers(which I absolutely do not understand) Can someone point me to a direction on where I can get a good handle on Assembly Language, what it is, and why I need to learn it? Maybe some tips, or some links that will explain in further detail what Assembly is to someone that is computer illiterate. Reason why I'm asking this is because I would like to get a head start into Assembly, so when I transfer to a University, I have basic knowledge and skills that I need to learn. I am not wealthy, living in a low class community, and am wondering if there are any good sites out there that I should know about, or yeah if there's any good tips or suggestions that someone may lend me. My interests are in G++ which is graphical language supported by C++ that much I know, Assembly, Java, Game Programming, and just a general idea of how to make a program. What the difference between "High-Level" Assembly and "Low Level" assembly is, in terms that I understand.