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Just adding my voice to the general feeling of loss and discontent here. I liked the old email system, it gave me a sense of community (mainly because no-one else ever sends me emails :) and was a welcome distraction from the boring tasks of changing button fonts for users when we should really be concentrating on getting the code right. As to the topic of WMM (weapons of mass mailing), I never had any problem with spam, until I was deprived of this old p2p forums, and went to join a web-based substitute.
The thing about the emails was that, as has already been mentioned, they turn up, you read them, and if you think you know the answer, send a reply. For the most part, we are all working programmers with jobs to do and software to write; going to this new web-forum is actually a major distraction from our day-to-day business.
I think that the mailing lists worked well because they were _mailing_ lists: they didn't need effort on our part, it was 'push' technology, not 'pull'. We don't actually want to go looking for questions to answer, but we are more than happy to help if one of our community asks for our help.
Please don't confuse the old p2p system with the sort of discussion forums on slashdot, or linux HOWTOs. We're not interested in these clever little icons, or HTML infested email. We're not out to become 'Forum Ancients'. We dont even want to be able to see graphical representations of the threads. We just want to ask a question of our friends, and have someone answer (generally Jeff or Brian in my case :)
Can't you guys just dust off the old mailinglist code, and give us our old place back?