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quote:Originally posted by JSample

I want to respond to your comments about why we didn’t just bring up the old P2P site.

Wrox used a very good software called Lyris List Manager for its discussion lists, and I have been very familiar with it for a couple of years now. The problem is that their implementation of Lyris was very unstable (requiring daily reboots) and we were given a corrupt and unusable database which is why we were unable to repost the messages from April and May with the rest of the archive.

As I stated in my earlier post all of your comments have been heard and I will be meeting with others today to discuss the addition of a reply through email feature to this site. I cannot however suggest that we re-develop the old P2P system as it was corrupt and unstable. I can say that if the decision is made to add this feature it will take some time to implement so please be patient as we value your support in this new endeavor.

We really do care a great deal about this community and want to make it a wonderful experience for all users.

Thank you,
James Sample
Director, IS-Infrastructure
Wiley Publishing, Inc.
No system is perfect. I'm surprised that the Lyris system implementation you inherited was so unstable. The Lyris List Manager has been around for probably ten years or more so I find it hard to believe it is as inherently unstable as you imply. Who knows what WROX did to it, though.

Note that even if it was unstable, we email users never noticed a reboot. If that happened, we just didn't get email for a few minutes or so. I guarantee that users will notice a reboot if your web server forum software goes down. It's that active versus passive involvement others have talked about.

You keep talking about a "reply through email" feature. I'm not sure what that is, but what we're asking for is in fact an email discussion list, and not some sort of email interface to your web forum.

For all its implementation warts, the email list was a vibrant and involved community. So far, I see no evidence of that here - we have one active "meta-topic" on this site about your implementation of the P2P community (without involving the community in your decisions until they were a fait accompli), but virtually nothing in the real meat and potatoes - the subject discussion forums. I hope that is simply the result of the startup - that it will take time to get people posting again.

I hope that's all it is, and that this site doesn't fall victim to that which befalls many such endeavors - style over substance, and form over function.

Jeff Mason
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