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Please explain why an email posting method to this website is different than a discussion list. If you receive a post in your email and can reply to that post by replying to the email (never coming to this site), how is this different that what everyone in this thread has been asking for?

If there is some piece that you are asking for that I am missing please let me know so i can take it with me to my meeting today.


I am sorry I did not go into the detail that you did in explaining but the fact is that the web front end did need rebooting 4 times in the 5 days while we were doing the initial evaluation of the sites. We can only work with the data that we were provided from Wrox and the Postgres database was indeed very corrupt with Bad date formats and absolutely no indexes. While the corruption may have been fixable given enough time, with the web front end instabilities it was decided to scrap the old system as start fresh.

And so far the only complaint we have had is that unlike a discussion list you cannot post or reply to these forums by using your email client instead of visiting this site. As I have stated earlier I will be discussing adding this feature. As to the old system Lyris is a great product that we have been using for 2 years and I even have a testimonial for them on their website, but this does not fix the fact that for P2P to be truly accessible for everyone a web front end that does not crash is absolutely vital.

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