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I am repeating what I have been told. Wiley is unwilling to have an e-mail system that does not meet ALL of these requirements and I am told these are not negotiable. I have collected their requirements and posted them here. I am not responsible for, nor do I necessarily agree with any or all of the requirements.

To answer your specific questions:

1. I don't know how we could implement the security the way Wiley is requiring it. Adding a line with a password perhaps. Or a PGP signature both would work, however are very invasive. I am looking for ideas from the community on how to do it. Wiley is not concerned with if it was a problem in the past- (this is what I mean by not negotiable) they want this functionality.

2. Yes, headers do appear in the e-mail when it's posted on the web site- we must filter them so they don't appear on the web boards. The web boards are not going away.

3. Exactly. I need ideas from the community.

4. I said resist- it doesn't have to be foolproof. But it needs to be able to do a fairly decent job of it.

5. Classic P2P had ACTIVE moderation- that's how come you never saw the storms (or the spam). They were blocked by the moderator(s). A storm is caused when Out of Office replies respond to Out of Office replies .. And so on and so forth...

6. I am told that many .GOV sites reply with a "receipt" ack for every message that comes into the domain. I have not experienced this- however Wiley is concerned about the problem.

7. Yes, and how is all that done? We are building a system from scratch here :)

8. Because the list managers don't meet all the requirements (1-7) plus the requirements for the web package. You and I may not care about the web interface- however, hit's on the old P2P show that it WAS used quite frequently.

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