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Hi Hal,
WRT to point 5 - there are very few mail servers these days that result in "OOO" storms. Even everybody's favourite whipping post, MS Exchange, only sends 1 OOO to each "from:" address, and generally not to the list address (but rather the from: address).

WRT to the last comment "list managers" don't meet all the requirements, I'm interested to know which ones don't...

My experience of both Lyris and LSoft was that:
1) you could configure it so that each person had to use a password to confirm each message -or- an admin could approve each message

2) taken care of automatically

3) doesn't do this - whatever the user posts is included, but moderators can edit user posts

4) Both resist spam well, even if you just force the "from:" to be from a list members registered email address (coupled with moderation would eliminate all spam)

5) Addressed above

6) Those people should be unsubscribed from the list

7) Both LSoft and Lyris do this well. Lyris allows "x" number of bounces in "y" days before unsubscribing someone. Bounces never make it to the lists.

Lastly, Lyris can run off an SQL Server database, allowing you to build you own custom *web interface* to the list stuff, which is probably easier than trying to reinvent the wheel with-the-respect to building a listserver system... :-)