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I'm going to jump in on this late.

quote:3. Overquoting is a minor annoyance in e-mail, but on a web forum it makes the messages almost un-readable. While there are many of you that would only use email given the opportunity, there are an equal amount that prefer to only use the website and keep their mailboxes clutter free. We need to make sure that in fixing the site for one group we don’t turn around and break it for the other.
Can I say at this point that you have broken the site for one group already, those people who used the site as a mailing list.

Ss I see it is that Wiley is concerned mostly with the web interface. I was concerned with the mailing list side of it. From my viewpoint improving on the original wrox web interface is a good thing, but not at the cost of destroying the email interface.

Secondly I'd it appears that wiley is being quite inflexible. Solutions have been proposed (more than once) for the problems that have been suggested, and yet the same problems continue to get put forward as reasons for not moving to an email reply system. Take point 2 above. Ken has made the point that the lyris system removes these. Others have suggested regular expressions. ASP 3.0 supports regular expression search and replacement, so use that remove all email addresses in postings that are not enclosed in ]URL[.

The issue as I see it is that Wiley has made a decision not to provide an email interface. Period.

David Cameron