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I should be aplogising, I jumped in on this one late and wasn't up with some of the other feedback at the time. Sorry.


quote:You would rather connect to the web site to validate your IP address than use PGP to sign the e-mail that your sending? I was also thinking that perhaps we could have e-mail that is not identified attached to the user account sending it- and requiring a quick login to the web site to confirm the posting (or generate an e-mail to the poster to let them confirm via e-mail). Kind of self-moderation.
Yes. In my case I mostly post from work which has a static IP address. Also I tend to post a bunch of messages at once. So even if I were posting from home or somewhere else it would involve setting the IP address once. From then on I could just reply to emails. The disadvantage of signed pgp messages is that I'd need to remember to sign each message I send. Basically I am keen for something I set once (or once per day) and forget about.

Your suggestion would also work well, although it would mean that you couldn't really be part of a conversation unless you cleared the messages frequently each day. It would still be a great improvement.

Another thought, is it possible to have multiple authentication methods? Eg get pgp up and stable, then also allow posting authenticated by IP address. This would mean you could implement something that works and when you come up with something better, you could implement it for no loss except the time involved.

As you said in another message- this is complex because of line breaking. We also need to deal with outlooks love of the "indented" reply and filtering that as appropriate. For that matter, we need to figure out how to filter all the HTML garbage that Outlook (and others) add to the e-mail.
The HTML problem is easy. Block multipart messages. Failing that block multipart emails that don't have a plain text component. I'm biased because I don't like HTML emails, but still this would be an easy fix. Also if emails only go out in plain text you are more likely to get plain text back.

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