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WRT to point 1 and IP address suggestions:

I think the IP address thing could be a problem.
The only IP address you can definately authenticate is that of the SMTP server that is sending the mail to your (ie Wrox's) SMTP server. That will probably be the IP address of the ISP's mailserver.

Every other IP address can (and, with spam, is very often) spoofed. Dialup users will also have multiple IP addresses (and potentially a lot of them if they belong to a large ISP that has many b-Class or C-class subnets).

One possibly alternative would be for the moderators to only allow certain posters to "reply via email" (ie people you trust). They could be given a pass-phrase to include at the top of each message (it could be included automatically when the original message goes out to the "trusted poster"). When I reply, this pass-phrase is automatically included in the reply, and checked for by the Wrox email system (this is kinda similar to how LSoft's Listserv allows administrators to change list configuration/moderate via email).