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[quote]quote:Originally posted by Hal Levy
quote:Originally posted by Daniel Walker
 Well, the argument for using a listserver is a strong one.
You say:
Not going to happen. That's the final answer. Let's stop talking about what if and use what we have the best we can.

Then you say:
Since the mail FROM the server will soon be HTML formatted- and by default outlook sends messages in HTML format- this isn't really workable, unfortunately.
If there's mail coming [i]from[/] a server, then it's coming from a mail listserver. So, you can:
a) write one yourself
b) use one you buy
c) use the one we bought
Then I comment:
As for _which_ listserver to use... Wiley should have inherited the Lyris Platinum lisence Wrox bought to run the P2P lists upon (not to mention the twin-processor Dell Poweredge with the half a Gig of RAM and the SCSI RAID array, that they were running off, and the Dell T550 Windows Advanced Server machine that fed off it - plus the ASP interface that Dave Long built for it).

You reply:
If this was only true... The Lyris server was at a co-location facility and the machine was leased.
Well, unless it was moved in the last days at Wrox (quite possible, I suppose, although Stephen Biggerstaff would be the man to ask about that), I know that (as an ex-"classic" Wrox employee) the listerver machine was a big black Dell Poweredge 4100 that sat sideways-on at the end of the shelf in the server room inside Arden house. The webserver was a Dell Dimension T550 that sat beside it running Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Both machines and the software they ran were wholely owned by Wrox - at least at some time in or around Jan/Feb.

There was talk of moving it to Chicago, but I don't know if that was done. Either way, I can't imagine the Listserver or webserver were pressed back into service - they should have been in there somewhere.

Stephen Biggerstaff would know what exactly happened to the listserver. Dave Long bult the web interface. I can probably provide a contact address, if I get in contact with him first, to ask if he's interested in helping. Furthermore, there was a blue folder with documentation in it, with printouts of the ASP source code.

I know a decision seems to have been made to not use this option, but it seems a shame to dismantle what was running and maintaining 40 000 active subscriptions, for want of not knowing which machines have the source code on them. The Lyris licence might not have been the latest version (you have Wiley talking to you directly about that, so I can only accept that this was so), but I know a Platinum licence was bought for it last Autumn - a licence for the SQL-based modern Lyris, which Wrox did pay for. What's more, if classic Wrox employees told you the P2P webserver needed rebooting every day, they were mistaken. Anyone who was using this site in the last days will tell you that the lists continued running for at least a week after the closure - as Mike Kay and others commented at the time.

Wiley are the new owners, and they made much of how hard it was to tell what was what when they took over Wrox: it was certainly a mess - for understandable reasons, I hope - and I'm certainly not going to tell them how to run their new acquisition, but there are ex-Wrox, ex-glasshaus, ex-FoED employees who may well try to help, if all it takes is to identify which machines were which and where to find stuff. It's probably too late, now, though.