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Hello Dan and Dave, how are you? ( for any off topic converse)

I in fact left Wrox in January but continued administering P2P on a freelance basis until the liquidation. Dan and Dave are correct, most of what Hal says seems to be inaccurate second-hand information, sorry Hal. We don't know exactly what happened to the servers from the liquidation until Wiley agreed to take over, although P2P was still functioning for news and mail access for quite a while afterwards, even when the webserver was down, one of the things which made it so robust. (No, it didn't need rebooting every day.)

As soon as I knew Wiley were taking over, I contacted Joe Wickert and offered to help, also mentioning Dave's name as the main developer. I think Joe passed our names to the Wiley tech guys, but we were never asked for our help or advice.

While I'm here I'd like to clear up one or two other misconceptions...

Since approximately November 2001, P2P has been effectively unmoderated. I only had time allowed for support issues and list monitoring, banning the occasional miscreant. One effect of this change was to increase the amount of traffic as there was no delay in posting to the list!

Despite this spam was never a problem, though Wiley are right to worry that it might become one, the amount of spam was increasing slowly. Similarly email address harvesting was becoming more noticable, but still at a low level.

I think quite a few people at Wrox didn't really understand what P2P was all about, or realise that it was more of a news and mail community than a web forum community. (One of the reasons that Wrox eventually went under...?) That misconception seems to have been passed on to Wiley. It is understandable though that if the guys at Wiley are happier with web forums and not happy with a Linux based system that they weren't interested in taking the machines, even if they had the chance.

As Dave says, I hope P2P does well with Wiley, but as many of the knowledgable people that answered a lot of questions used news or mail for the convenience, it will be an uphill struggle. The number of users and amount of traffic are still much much lower than previously.