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quote:Originally posted by David Long
Where did come from, then? Wiley seem to have an intact copy of that. In fact, I can prove that some of the code for the web interface still exists; visit Google and search for " xslt archive". The first hit will be "", if you click through from Google to that page you will receive an error at line 114 in /include/header.asp. This is because of a referrer check that I coded to try and encourage people who found the archive via Google to subscribe; it adds a couple of extra lines to the top of each page. If Wiley have the whole of /archive and /include/header.asp (and also, I guess, /include/footer.asp and a few related other files), why don't they have the rest of the web interface? The bulk of the work was done by only a handful of files located in the web root.
David, I can't answer that. Hopefully some of the Wiley people can. I have noticed that parts of the web interface seem to have survived in some places. I am told, however I don't know for sure, that most of the last two months of messages are missing from the archive. I do know none of my April posts on design_patterns are in the archive.

We didn't make any "heavy modification" to Lyris itself; it was a pretty much bog-standard install of Lyris/PostgreSQL running on Debian 3.0. The only non-standard extra we installed was a Perl script that stripped HTML from incoming email (incidentally, you might want to use a similar script in the new email system?)
Interesting to know David. I personally at this point feel a bit out on a limb-- as I was told all these items by the wiley staff and it seems as if there's some information that was either not told to them or that they were unwilling to tell me. and yes, I plan on having to use something similar in the new system.

I even asked them dead-on about why the Lyris system (and web site) came back online for a short time. They told me they got some of it and tried to get it running and they couldn't keep it online and that the web interface was crashing.

As for the "unknown wrox employees", they are myself, Dan Walker and Stephen
Biggerstaff. We're all registered on this new forum, and I at least offered my services to Wiley regarding P2P by private email a while back. I heard nothing whatsoever from them, though.
Um, I know I have not spoken to you or Stephen or Dan directly about the P2P stuff and the machines and reboots. I spoke to Jan about the webserver at one point and he told me that he thought it was rebooted daily because there were stability issues. However, at this point, I am not so confident I am remembering everything correctly.

If this is incorrect, I certainly don't want to be a person on record insulting your work as being unstable when it wasn't!

Wiley could have spoken to me, I'd have been more than willing to help. I really didn't want to see P2P disappear off the face of the 'net, seeing as I'd worked on it for over two years, but nobody bothered to get in touch with me.
I can't speak for them- Perhaps there was a reason they couldn't. You say you emailed them, so I expect they knew who you were- I really don't know. But the more I hear from you, Dan and Stephen the more I want to hear more from Wiley....

quote:Fair enough, that's Wiley's business decision to make. I'm still convinced it's the wrong decision, and that you won't attract the number of active, consistently good posters that we used to see in the old days of P2P. Having said that, I'm prepared to be proven wrong, though :)
This is agree with 200%. I do NOT like that they moved to a web forum. I can tolerate it- and I have been- but I liked e-mail SO much better. The involvement was better from both experts and the authors.

Is it true that p2p was actively moderated to keep spam off the list? And if so- how did it run until 5/2 (the last time I got a message from the server) without that moderation- since there were no employees.... More questions than answers it seems.

I'm thinking it's time for me to stop defending wiley and let the employees do that, if they want. It's not my company, they don't even pay me a salary (and I could use one!) The fact is, I am interested in getting help for my questions and answer those I can, and if this is that forum- so be it. Perhaps APRESS will come out with a Developers forum using a true mail listserv.

Hal Levy
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