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You will forgive any tone of irate outrage that may appear to come through from us: we just want to help and we want to set the record straight. There has been much made by Wiley of the "state of chaos" they discovered at Arden House - especially with ex-authors - and this does not reflect well upon a very hard-working and dedicated workforce, as I'm sure you will realise.

The truth,as Philip K Dick once observerd, is "that which does not go away when you stop believing in it". There are several things I have stopped believing in since my time at Wrox ended, but the truth still remains the same and I recognise no gain in seeing it abused - even if only through misunderstanding.

Personally, I hope one day that I will work again in an environment surrounded by such a high density of gifted, clever, good natured, honest, and hard working people as I found a Wrox.

Lastly, (and this is merely a tongue-in-cheek observation and is not intended as a parthian shot, I hope you understand) it is perhaps unwise to advertise the fact that a computer programming publisher has "nothing but windows servers", has "no Linux experience", "no PostgreSQL experience", et cetera :).

(who regards the phrase "Classic Wrox" in much the same light as teh phrase "Classic Mac OS", and regards both as something best remembered with affection, rather than actually experienced :).