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quote:Originally posted by Hal Levy
I have noticed that parts of the web interface seem to have survived in some places. I am told, however I don't know for sure, that most of the last two months of messages are missing from the archive. I do know none of my April posts on design_patterns are in the archive.
The archives were created by a separate process running on the webserver, which wasn't as stable as we'd have liked (though "daily reboots" are far from the truth). This process probably failed some time towards the end of Wrox's existence, which is probably why those posts don't show up.

quote:Originally posted by Hal Levy
I even asked them dead-on about why the Lyris system (and web site) came back online for a short time. They told me they got some of it and tried to get it running and they couldn't keep it online and that the web interface was crashing.
The web interface was pretty much hard-coded to work on Wrox's network only, relying on fixed IP addresses, system DSNs and suchlike for it to work correctly. I'm not particularly surprised that Wiley couldn't get it back up quickly after transferring it to their servers, but with a bit of work (and help from me, if they needed it) I'm sure it could've been put back into service for a short while at least until a newer interface was ready. Some documentation was also available on paper, but I doubt that Wiley had access to that.

quote:Originally posted by Hal Levy
Um, I know I have not spoken to you or Stephen or Dan directly about the P2P stuff and the machines and reboots. I spoke to Jan about the webserver at one point and he told me that he thought it was rebooted daily because there were stability issues. However, at this point, I am not so confident I am remembering everything correctly.

If this is incorrect, I certainly don't want to be a person on record insulting your work as being unstable when it wasn't!
I wouldn't say that the P2P web interface was the most stable thing I've ever written; it was the first large-scale ASP site I ever worked on, and as such the code wasn't particularly clean, but it did work - two years and over 20 million page views (if I remember correctly) aren't to be sniffed at.

This "daily reboots" thing is indeed just a myth; IIS might've needed a restart every few weeks, but as far as I know that's pretty much necessary on most IIS installations every now and again. Not to be insulting to Jan (I worked with/for him for a significant amount of time at Wrox), but sometimes he exaggerated things just a bit :)

quote:Originally posted by Hal Levy
Perhaps APRESS will come out with a Developers forum using a true mail listserv.
I'm wondering whether, between us, we could do this on our own, if Wiley don't want to implement such a thing... hosting/bandwidth costs are the only real problem here, using free software would take care of most of the actual work involved. Pete Aylward from Friends of ED kept the FoED forums running after the collapse of Wrox, and now Apress seem to be working with him in carrying them on in the same format - see