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Hello all.

I want to take a few minutes to respond to some of your questions and concerns but first I want to say that this will be the last time that I do so. These questions have completely taken over the focus of Hal’s post which is a request for help in adding a feature that so many of you say that you want.

1. I can answer most of your questions simply by saying that we bought the Wrox assets from a liquidator that had no technical knowledge of what they were selling us. What we got was incomplete, corrupt, and came with little or no explanation.
2. Yes we do have all of the source code for the p2p website. What we said was the dump from the postgress database that we received was corrupt and we were unable to get a new dump.
3. The only thing we new about the web interface was that from the time we started work on the conversion (In May) an IIS reset we required each morning on the server(s) in the UK. IIS reset is something a site should never need, our primary web farm currently hosts 17 websites and I have not had to reboot the servers or do an IIS reset in 8 months.
4. Whether you disagree with our decision or not we have stated many time why we made the decision to switch to the web forum.
5. As for Help in getting the old site up and running, we did hear that someone would be willing to help. But since we were told the servers were leased (which we were told on several occasions) the skill sets required for a new implementation of the site on our standard systems would be very different than the skills needs on the old system. But the time to re-develop the backend database, front-end website, and other features was just too long and expensive.

What this all means is that for all of the information flowing back and forth, there is still ONE feature missing from making this site the best of both worlds. I would ask again that if the feature of replying is truly wanted than please lend Hal your help in solving the 7 issues and we will be happy to implement the system adding back the ability you are lacking.

Thank you,

James Sample
Director, IT-Infrastructure
Wiley Publishing, Inc.