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OK, so we can basically ignore all the constraints except the authentication one for now, as I think we've solved those to at least some extent in this thread. Does anyone here see how the authentication requirement can work without being too intrusive on the users?

From the suggestions posted so far, IP address checking just won't be reliable enough, so that leaves you with either PGP (most people don't use this, and good luck in trying to convince them to just so they can join a mailing list) or passwords/unique codes in the message body (most people will forget to add these after their first posting). Are there any other workable alternatives?

This is really the only sticking point with the list of requirements. If there's no feasible technical solution to this authentication problem, does that mean we won't be getting an email interface to this forum? Have the developers at Wiley seen this thread? I'd be interested to get their input on our remarks, especially regarding how they see the authentication process (possibly) working...



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