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quote:Originally posted by Jeff Mason
Does PGP cost anything? Are there licensing issues? Is it available as freeware on all platforms that p2p users might be running on?
There are free versions of PGP for pretty much every platform - see for details. But having said that, many corporate desktop computers are locked down to such an extent that users can't install any third-party software, and in most cases I guess the system administrators wouldn't install it just because one of their users wants to post to a mailing list. So that (plus the processing power issue) effectively rules out requiring PGP to authenticate postings. We're left with just the "include a password/unique code in the message body" idea, unless anyone has any more bright ideas on how to solve this.

Edit: chrislepingwell beat me to it, sorry if this sounds like a duplicate post :)

Edit 2: the freeware version of PGP more than likely wouldn't be usable by most people anyway, according to the licensing details at