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One final word, apologies to James Sample...

Apress had a team in Arden House and when I first spoke to them they weren't sure whether they owned P2P or not! Evidently everything had degenerated into quite a mess upon closure so it is not surprising Wiley (and now Hal) have to make the best of a bad job. Best of luck to all.

I'd also like to point out that P2P was more or less closed by Wrox at the end of 2001, after letting go most of the team and moving Dave, Dan and I to other work. I managed to persuade Adam Maclean to keep it going in Jan 2002, but we had no budget apart from some of my time and whatever time dave could spare. Hence there was no real developement or bug fixing after that point, though we did manage to get an upgrade to Lyris in 2002. Dave was hoping to do an upgrade to the web site sometime this year.

Dave's original design was actually excellent, integrating the web interface, email and news in a seamless way. You didn't need to know which method everyone else was using, it all just worked most of the time. I think P2P was pretty much unique in this respect.