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Aye, use the self-installer-whatsit from I shouldn't think anything else could make things much easier to install and configure.

In all truth you could do a lot to improve on what you've got, anyway. First, ditch that wicked old PWS - it's dreadful - and get a proper webserver off Next, use the self-installer from to get your PHP running. After that, get the Windows 32 version of MySQL, which also has a self-installer, from

With all that in place, you'll probably find you've done all you can, to make amends for not having gone and bought yourself a PowerMac in the first place :).

I've no idea why the books says you've to use, either, but it's an old book.

quote:Originally posted by G-Zilla
 Hello I bought your book "Beggining PHP4" and the link you gave for downloading the version of php you suggest using ( is under 'hibernation'. Is it horrible to use the version at or is there another place to find the other one? All I really want is something to test pretty basic scripts on I'll have a real webserver in a month for doing database stuff.

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