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You do indeed have a Wrox Press book in your hand, but you must be unaware of the recent turmoil having to do with Wrox. Wrox went bankrupt in March 2003 and its remaining assets were put up for sale with a liquidator. Wiley Publishing (who now maintains the P2P site and purchased a selection of books, the right to use the Wrox name and brand, and some of the website capabilities. The book that you have was not one of the books purchased by Wiley. The remaining books not selected by Wiley were purchased by Apress publishing.

Wiley maintains the P2P discussion site, but you will only find book discussion groups for those we purchased. We do have the "Other Wrox book" group for the other books, but we do not guarantee author feedback or tech support. But, in all likelihood, a member of the list will be able to help you.

Jennifer Bergman
Marketing Manager
Wiley Publishing/Wrox Press