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This is a great idea, particularly as the problem may grow from here. Looking at the posting times for naishi's messages the messages seem to have been manually posted. However there isn't a whole lot of effort involved in writing a perl script (or pick your language of choice) to post to a forum multiple times.

Incidentally the more widely used snitz is the more of a problem this is likely to be, due to the fact the page names and form field names are going to be the same. Someone out there will release some code to automate posting.

Some suggestions:
1. Examine the time between postings. If two messages are posted by the same person within a certain time period assume that they are not human posted. Increase the minimum time when the posts are in different forums as it takes more time to leave one forum and go to another.
2. Some sort of spam filter. In checking whether a message is spam it might be worth checking: age of membership, number of posts and a dictionary of words. Putting that together you could work out some sort of probablility that the message was spam. I guess there might be some kind of bayesian filter out there for this kind of thing.

Feel free to point out any inaccuracies/impracticalities in my suggestions.

David Cameron