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I do not think interest "waned", I think everyone is still waiting for this feature. I also think everyone is tired of complaining about it since it seems to be now apparent that Wiley has no intention of doing it nor really cares about the users want.

Because of the overly annoying way you have to send in a post, I do not respond nealy as often as I used to. There have been many posts that I could have replied to with a little help, but I simply do not have time to be tracking stuff down all over a website when a simple reply would work.

In an enviroment like this, you'd think someone would be able to fulfill the requirements. Seems to me that this snitz forum stuff is pretty crappy stuff if it does not have email features built in.

Since the Wiley aquisition, the P2P stuff has really digressed. Is there any hope in it returning to the greatness it was on the old site?