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I am not a proffessional and as a novice I probably pail in conparison to most novice programmers simply because I am self taught and at my own convience of time. I have purchased several books by various companyies on programming including topics of Beginning Java, Javascript, Web programming, Basic programming and Visual Basics 6. Of these I only have one book that is from Wrox. It is beginning Java 2 SDK 1.4 Edition by Ivor Horton.

Being someone who simply does not have the funds to attend college again and wishing to change my carreer to proramming I'm always looking for a really well written book on programming wether ist's a how to step by step or referance.

There was one thing that I've noticed in many of these books that really gives someone with little know how tons of frustration. Authors tend to forget that when they are writing a book for a novice that something they think is obvious is not always known by a novice. For example: when I wanted to begin to learn java programming I certainly couldn't afford a Graphical interface program to learn to use it or to try out the examples. Which is way I chose the book I did. But I had no clue how to get my programms to compile or execute because it was overlooked that in the command or bat files there had to be a path created so the system knew where to find the compiler and such. The book I started out with was by Sun and because I could not find the information in it I eventually purchased the one by Ivor Horton. Horton's book did help resolve some things that were not clear to me in the book published by Sun "Core Web Programming" however I had to search the web to find out how to create the required path and changes to my system to get anywhere.

between this and some minor code errors it makes it very frustrating. Even though I am aware not all of your books are targeted toward beginners or novice perhapse it would be useful to get reviews from students that have more knowledge than I, and dedication to the subject of each book for reviews to help authors clearify points that should be included in the book but are overlooked due to assumed knowledge.

Unfortuantly I would feel underqualified to do such reviews since my study of computer topics are varied and mostly sparatic at this time.
However, I am sure that college students studying the topic would make an exellent student review target group, should the particular book being reviewed be aimed at their level of knowledge.

As far as purchasing other books by same authors and/or publishers I tend to decide to buy or not buy based on others reviews and my own experiance with books by the same author or publisher. Thus far I find Beginning Java 2 to be useful to me at my level of knowledge with a bit of frustration with somethings that have been overlooked. I also have Sam books and will admit as someone who is trying to teach herself I like their lesson like organization but since the ones I purchased of theirs is aimed at teaching yourself and Wrox books do not seem to be aimed in that direction I don't know if this is of any use to authors or publishers at Wrox or not.

Well, this is rather long winded so I will stop here.


P.S. people who buy books only to return them that make a habit of it only to gain something for nothing should be ashamed of themselves. If you are not sure you want a book and your local library or campus library has it then go borrow it. It's a crying shame that you can't learn to offer helpful comments to help get a better product instead of insulting the author, editors, or publishers. Don't you think they want to make a better product? After all it's their livelyhood we are talking about.
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