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One more note -- many (most? all?) schools require that students sign an "integrity agreement", basically a contract stating that the student will not copy work from anyone else. These contracts also explicitly limit getting specific problem help from outside sources such as this forum or chatrooms.

You'll find that most good programmers are good at what they do because they put in the time and effort to learn how to do things the "right way", that is, without a lot of outside help, and that they are not very willing to help other students breeze through their homework.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm not calling you a cheater or anything, I don't know your situation.

Regardless, it's not cool or kosher to post homework problems in support forums or chat rooms and expect other people to do your work for you. After all, suppose you finish all your Computer Science classes having had lots of help from others with your assignments. You'll likely get a programming job, which means two things: You'll be competing for those jobs with other students who did all their own work and, therefore, deserve the job more, and 2) be working with other programmers who did their own work and won't want to tolerate a programmer who can't figure their problems out for themselves.

I know I sound like an ****************************, a repetitive one at that, but trust me -- you're much better off taking the time and suffering with your difficult assignments now, because the skills you gain from it will be much more of a help to you down the road than any of us answering your toy problems now can be.

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