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I have had similar problems: I had to download the database a second time to get it to load. And even then it would not load unless attached as "Friends" ("FriendsData" as shown p553 would not work). I created a password for the sa login also - sa + null password did not seem to work properly.

I cannot get the data binding to work in Ch5 - error about no permission to create database in master. Anyone had any luck here ?

quote:Originally posted by patmrc
 I don't think the db is corrupt, try downloading it again from the apress site.

I also got problems with the database, but only with the login. I can see it and update it in the server explorer, but when I try to connect programmatically the login fails for user "sa".
Yes, I already ran the mixedmode.vbs script mentioned in Appendix B, but it still doesn't work! (I checked the registry, the key had indeed been changed.)

Can anybody tells us what to do?