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Default Help Please

Hello Everybody

This is my first time writing on here so I will do my best to describe my two problems.

A) I have to make up a program that would change a hexadecimal number of length 4 (e.g. A10F) and change it into decimal form (e.g. 41231)

B) Using the addigits.asm file i have to change to read the string even if other characters are put in by the user (e.g. r6lk72É? would be equal to 15)

I have included the addigits.asm file below. If you could help or give me any clue on how to solve these i would really appreciate it.

TITLE Add individual digits of a number ADDIGITS.ASM
        Objective: To find the sum of individual digits of
                   a given number. Shows character to binary
                   conversion of digits.
            Input: Requests a number from keyboard.
| Output: Prints the sum of the individual digits.
number_prompt DB 'Please type a number (<11 digits): ',0
out_msg DB 'The sum of individual digits is: ',0
number DB 11 DUP (?)

INCLUDE io.mac
main PROC
        PutStr number_prompt ; request an input number
        GetStr number,11 ; read input number as a string
        mov BX,OFFSET number ; BX := address of number
        sub DX,DX ; DX := 0 -- DL keeps the sum
        mov AL,[BX] ; move the digit to AL
        cmp AL,0 ; if it is the NULL character
        je done ; sum is done
        and AL,0FH ; mask off the upper 4 bits
        add DL,AL ; add the digit to sum
        inc BX ; increment BX to point to next digit
        jmp repeat_add ; and jump back
        PutStr out_msg
        PutInt DX ; write sum
main ENDP
        END main