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I would definitely go with programming the checkbox to see if a subscription exists. I think it'd help with this duplicate subscription problem.

quote:Originally posted by SerranoG
 I suspect the double subscriptions are my fault, but nonetheless, it does point out a bug that can be squashed. Here's what I think is happening.

I log in, read forums, answer/ask questions and at that point I'm subscribed to the thread. I finish and log off.

Later, a reply comes to my e-mail. I click the link to revisit P2P, and I'm reading the reply on-line (better when codes are used). I want to reply to the reply, but I didn't actually log in yet. So I reply, enter my ID and password on the fly. Because I'm not logged in yet, the "Subscribe to this Thread" checkbox is UNchecked. My automatic pilot kicks in and I check it (even though I'm already subscribed) and submit the reply to the reply.

This creates the double subscription. Whaddya think?

If true, then solutions could include:
  • Users must get into the habit of logging in first before they reply (hard to control everyone on this).
  • Don't let people reply unless they're logged in.
  • Program the checkbox to look to see if a subscription exists first before adding a new one.

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