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Its not a bad idea, but prompting someone 50 times is, for lack of a better word, retarded. I'd say something like that would be cool for the very first post only, since when people ask these questions they ask the first time they post.

Or better yet, if Wiley could get over itself and post the real [expletive deleted] link to the download page instead of saying "contact apress"... but corporate conglomeracies have strange ways. I think all the obfuscating reflects badly on the Wrox name and that no one cares that Wrox is owned by Wiley or that Apress exists at all.. after all they have book with the Wrox name on it and this is the Wrox website, even if the puppetmasters behind it are entirely different people. No one cares who owns what rights to which book, they didn't buy a Wrox book to learn the current goings on of the publishing world. Furthermore I don't think anyone should get up in arms when questions like these are posted. English isn't everyone's first language, and again its the Wrox name on the book and this is the Wrox website -- the laziness factor included or not. See that wasn't so hard, was it? Oh, a complete list of all the *former* Wrox books with a link too... we couldn't do that, that might turn readers onto apress instead of Wiley. (sarcasm meant enitirely) Wiley bought the Wrox name and they should continue to uphold it. It goes back to simple good business practices, take care of the customer, because its *your* name that's getting the bad press!

Just my .02 anyway.


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