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Hi Rich,

I agree with you. Maybe the FAQs and other pages can be changed, so that when people *do* indeed contact APress, they see the code download page right away (see below for my suggestions).

When I answer "code not found" posts, I add something like: "You should probably look at". This usually seems to work well.

I am not really for the other idea. Prompting, checkboxes, questions, whatever, is not going to help. There are a zillion red signs "READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST" all over the place. The problem with this whole issue is not that people cannot find the right information, the problem is that they do not read (it keeps me wondering what they need a book for though). I am almost sure they they will cancel out any questions if they make a post so it will end up here anyway. Some people just want to be guided, instead of showing some initiative and fixing the problems themselves. Also, some guys post other stuff first, before they ask a Where's the Code question.
I guess we just have to live with this issue....

But I do think it would help if the following two changes were made. The first to the Code Download page:

Add a new question before question 1, something like:

Why do I not see all Wrox books on this page?

Wrox went down some time ago. Bla bla bla. Explanation here. Some books were bought by Wiley, other books were bought by Apress. So, if you can't find the book in this list, please look at the apress site. (where APress is linked to the support site in a new window to keep people at P2P as soon as they downloaded their code.

The second change could be made to the FAQ at
Change the link to Apress from their contact page to the support.apress site, as Rich suggested.

I think these two changes may minimize code questions more than prompts, checkboxes etc.

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