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Old December 8th, 2004, 12:00 PM
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Default File upload in ASP

I need to upload a file to a network shared drive. I have created the path to the folder in IIS under my application.

The following code is supposed to save files to that folder directly. I keep getting the 'Path not found' message, even with all permissions set on the directory in question. Please tell me what is wrong. Thanks.

<%Option Explicit

dim path, Conn

if session("loggedin")= "" then
    response.redirect "../nologon.asp?mid=2"
end if

session("where") = "Projects"
session("mypart") = "Narratives"

' This value may need increasing if dealing with large files
Server.ScriptTimeout = 5400
Dim postedData, binData, counter, contentType, errorMsg
Dim boundary, formData, uploadRequest
Dim fso, browserType, startPos, endPos
Dim filePath, fileName, savePath, savefile, fileCount
dim strSQL, objConn, fileType, fileSize
Dim requestFiles(9, 1) ' Allow for ten files
Dim oFSO
Dim sMyFile, sFolder
dim objFile,objFolderContents, objFolder, objFileItem

'create database connection
set objConn=Server.createobject("adodb.connection")
'open connection
Conn="DRIVER={SQL Server};SERVER={server};DSN=mydsn;DATABASE={dbase} ;"
objConn.Open Conn

' Read all the form data as binary
binData = Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes)
' Convert the binary data to ASCII
For counter = 1 To LenB(binData)
    postedData = postedData & Chr(AscB(MidB(binData, counter, 1)))
' The Request.Form data is no longer available after a BinaryRead
' so we'll need to manually parse the Form variables
' Find the encoding type
contentType = Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE")
' Ensure the Form's encoded for multipart/form-data
If InStr(contentType, "multipart/form-data") > 0 Then
    ' Get the boundary of the content type
    endPos = InStrRev(contentType, "=")
    boundary = Trim(Right(contentType, Len(contentType) - endPos))
    ' Get the form data from the posted data, using the boundary
    formData = Split(postedData, boundary)
    'Extract the information for each variable and its data
    Set uploadRequest = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
    errorMsg = "Incorrect encoding type"
End If
' Save the posted file(s)
Set fso = server.createObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set oFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
browserType = UCase(Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_USER_AGENT"))

If uploadRequest.Item("submit") = "Upload" then

    For counter = 0 To FileCount - 1
        ' Strip the path info out if not a MAC
        If (InStr(browserType, "WIN") > 0) Then
            startPos = InStrRev(requestFiles(counter, 1), "\")
            fileName = Mid(requestFiles(counter, 1), startPos + 1)
        ElseIf (InStr(browserType, "MAC") > 0) Then
            fileName = requestFiles(counter, 1)
            startPos = InStrRev(requestFiles(counter, 1), "/")
            fileName = Mid(requestFiles(counter, 1), startPos + 1)
        End If

        'physical path to the file name
        sMyFile = Server.MapPath("/SERVER/action_documents/" & fileName)

        'if file really exists then tell user
        If oFSO.FileExists (sMyFile) Then
            response.redirect "../nologon.asp?mid=4"
        End If

        ' Set the path on the Server
        ' Save the file
        'myfolder = fso.GETFolder(Server.MapPath("uploadfoler"))
        savePath = Server.MapPath("../SERVER/action_documents/" & fileName)

        Set saveFile = fso.CreateTextFile(savePath, True)
        saveFile.Write(requestFiles(counter, 0))


        set objFile=fso.GetFile(savePath)
        set objFolder = objFile.ParentFolder
        set objFoldercontents = objFolder.files

        for each objFileItem in objFolderContents
            'response.write objFileItem.Size & "<BR>"
            if fileName=objFileItem.Name then
            end if

        strSQL="INSERT INTO action_documents(action_id,document_name, document_filename, document_type, document_size, date_uploaded)"&_
               " VALUES(" & uploadRequest.Item("action_id") & ",'" & uploadRequest.Item("document_name") & "','" & fileName & "','" &fileType & "'," & fileSize & ",'" & FormatDateTime(now(),vbLongDate) & "')"
        'response.write strSQL
        objConn.execute strSQL

    If errorMsg = "" Then
        response.redirect "../actions/edit_action.asp?project_id=" & uploadRequest.Item("project_id") & "&phase_id=" & uploadRequest.Item("phase_id") & "&action_id=" & uploadRequest.Item("action_id")
       response.redirect "../nologon.asp?mid=5"
    End If

    ' Clear up afterwards
    Set saveFile = Nothing
    Set fso = Nothing
    Set uploadRequest = Nothing

' Procedure to parse the Form data
Private Sub parseFormData()
    Dim counter, endMarker, fieldInfo, fieldValue
    For counter = 0 To UBound(formData)
        endMarker = InStr(formData(counter), vbCrLf & vbCrLf)
        If endMarker > 0 Then
            ' Get the information for this field
            fieldInfo = Mid(formData(counter), 3, endMarker - 3)
            ' Get the value for this field
            fieldValue = Mid(formData(counter), endMarker + 4, _
                         Len(formData(counter)) - endMarker - 7)
            ' Check to make sure this a file
            If (InStr(fieldInfo, "filename=") > 0) Then
                ' Store the value and filename in our array
                requestFiles(fileCount, 0) = fieldValue
                requestFiles(fileCount, 1) = getFileName(fieldInfo)
                ' Check the file was provided
                If requestFiles(fileCount, 1) <> "" Then
                    fileCount = fileCount + 1
                End If
                ' Regular field
                uploadRequest.add getFieldName(fieldInfo), fieldValue
            End If
        End If
End Sub

' Function to return the field name
Private Function getFieldName(ByVal strFileName)
    Dim startPos, endPos, strQuote
    strQuote = Chr(34)
    startPos = InStr(strFileName, "name=")
    endPos = InStr(startPos + 6, strFileName, strQuote & ";")
    If endPos = 0 Then
        endPos = inStr(startPos + 6, strFileName, strQuote)
    End If
    getFieldName = Mid(strFileName, startPos + 6, endPos - (startPos + 6))
End Function
' Function to return a filename
Private Function getFileName(ByVal strFileName)
    Dim startPos, endPos, strQuote
    strQuote = Chr(34)
    startPos = InStr(strFileName, "filename=")
    EndPos = InStr(strFileName, strQuote & vbCrLf)
    getFileName = Mid(strFileName, startPos + 10, endPos - (startPos + 10))
End Function
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