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Send a message via MSN to stecol
Default sending email based on form value


I have set up a form which sends an email via CDONTS which works fine. What i need to do is set up another email address and send the form to this address only if a certain field in the form has been filled in.
Eg. The form is regarding student details. There is a field for 'previous address'. If this field has a value, it is sent to the exclusion team via email.

Any help appreciated. Thanks. My code is below:


Dim Recordset1
Dim Recordset1_numRows

Set Recordset1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
Recordset1.ActiveConnection = MM_emsdb_STRING
Recordset1.Source = "SELECT School  FROM emstable"
Recordset1.CursorType = 0
Recordset1.CursorLocation = 2
Recordset1.LockType = 1

Recordset1_numRows = 0
Dim Recordset2
Dim Recordset2_numRows

Set Recordset2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
Recordset2.ActiveConnection = MM_allschools_STRING
Recordset2.Source = "SELECT allschools  FROM allschools"
Recordset2.CursorType = 0
Recordset2.CursorLocation = 2
Recordset2.LockType = 1

Recordset2_numRows = 0
<% 'no security checking %>
session.lcid = 2057
Response.expires = 0
Response.expiresabsolute = Now() - 1
Response.addHeader "pragma", "no-cache"
Response.addHeader "cache-control", "private"
Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"

response.buffer = true
'get key
key = request.querystring("key")
if key="" or isnull(key) then
end if

'get action

'get fields from form

x_ID = key
x_yourname = Request.Form("x_yourname")
x_youremail = Request.Form("x_youremail")
x_Date = Request.Form("x_Date")
x_ID = Request.Form("x_ID")
x_Forename = Request.Form("x_Forename")
x_Surname = Request.Form("x_Surname")
x_DOB = Request.Form("x_DOB")
x_Address = Request.Form("x_Address")
x_PreviousAddress = Request.Form("x_PreviousAddress")
x_Postcode = Request.Form("x_Postcode")
x_School = Request.Form("x_School")
x_districts = Request.Form("x_districts")
x_Pending = Request.Form("x_Pending")
x_Additional_comments = Request.Form("x_Additional_comments")

'---Dim all values for CDONTS email here---'

if Request.Form("Action") = "ADD" then

Dim objCDO

        Set objCDO = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

        objCDO.From = "DCSEMS@knowsley.gov.uk"

        objCDO.To = "DCSEMS@knowsley.gov.uk"

        objCDO.Cc = x_youremail

        objCDO.Bcc = ""

        objCDO.Subject = "EMS - new entry (ID:" & key & ")"

'---below is what sends the HTML format to email address---'

bodyHTML = "<html><head></head><body>" & "" & "A new entry has been added to the EMS database (ID:" & key & ")" & "<br>" & "" & "<br>" & "Please click the link below to view the new entry and change 'Pending' to 'No' once it has been imported to EMS" & "<br>" & "<br>" & "<a href=""http://klp.kmbc/knowsley/DataTeam/EMStracking/emstablelist.asp"">Click here to launch EMS Pending list</a>"

        objCDO.Body = bodyHTML

        objCDO.BodyFormat = 0

        objCDO.MailFormat = 0


        ConfirmMsg = "This entry has been added to the list and a notification has been sent to the Data Team.  You will receive a confirmation email once this entry has been added to EMS.  Thankyou."

        end if

' Open Connection to the database
set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
conn.Open xDb_Conn_Str

Select Case a
    Case "A": ' Add

        ' Open record
        strsql = "SELECT * FROM [emstable] WHERE 0 = 1"

        set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
        rs.Open strsql, conn, 1, 2


tmpFld = Trim(x_yourname)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
rs("yourname") = tmpFld
tmpFld = Trim(x_youremail)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
rs("youremail") = tmpFld        
tmpFld = Trim(x_Date)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
rs("Date") = tmpFld
tmpFld = Trim(x_Forename)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
rs("Forename") = tmpFld
tmpFld = Trim(x_Surname)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
rs("Surname") = tmpFld
tmpFld = Trim(x_DOB)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
rs("DOB") = tmpFld
tmpFld = Trim(x_Address)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
rs("Address") = tmpFld
tmpFld = Trim(x_PreviousAddress)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
rs("PreviousAddress") = tmpFld
tmpFld = Trim(x_Postcode)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
rs("Postcode") = tmpFld
tmpFld = Trim(x_School)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
rs("School") = tmpFld
tmpFld = Trim(x_districts)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
rs("districts") = tmpFld
tmpFld = x_Pending
If tmpFld = "Yes" Then
    rs("Pending") = True
    rs("Pending") = False
End If
tmpFld = Trim(x_Additional_comments)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
rs("Additional comments") = tmpFld

        Set rs = Nothing
        Set conn = Nothing
        Response.Redirect "emstablelist.asp"
End Select
%><title>EMS additions&amp;tracking - Add</title>
<body leftmargin="20">
<p><strong>Add to TABLE : emstable<br>
provide your details so we can let you know once the pupil has been added to
    <a href="emstablelist.asp">Back to List</a></p>
<script language="JavaScript" src="ew.js"></script>
<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- start Javascript
function  EW_checkMyForm(EW_this) {
return true;
// end JavaScript -->
<% if ConfirmMsg <> "" then %>
<script language=javascript>
<% End If %>
<form onSubmit="return EW_checkMyForm(this);"  action="emstableadd.asp" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="a" value="A">
<input type="hidden" name="key" value="<%= key %>">
<table border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2">
    <td colspan="2">Enter your details here</td>
    <td width="126" bgcolor="#000099">Your
    <td width="298" bgcolor="#FFFFCC">
      <input name="x_yourname" type="text" id="x_yourname" value="<%= x_yourname %>" size=30 maxlength=50>
    <td bgcolor="#000099">Your Email</td>
    <td bgcolor="#FFFFCC">
      <input name="x_youremail" type="text" id="x_youremail" value="<%= x_youremail %>" size=30 maxlength=50>
    <td colspan="2">Enter pupils details here</td>
<td bgcolor="#000099">Date&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFFCC"><input type="text" name="x_Date" value="<%= FormatDateTime(Now) %>" size=30 maxlength=25>
<td bgcolor="#000099">ID&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFFCC"><%= x_ID %>&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#000099">Forename&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFFCC"><input type="text" name="x_Forename" value="<%= x_Forename %>" size=30 maxlength=50>&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#000099">Surname&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFFCC"><input type="text" name="x_Surname" value="<%= x_Surname %>" size=30 maxlength=50>&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#000099">DOB&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFFCC"><input type="text" name="x_DOB" value="<%= x_DOB %>" size=30 maxlength=25>&nbsp;</td>
<td valign="top" bgcolor="#000099">Address&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFFCC">
<textarea name="x_Address" cols="30" rows="3"><%= x_Address %></textarea>
  <td valign="top" bgcolor="#000099"><p>Previous
  <td bgcolor="#FFFFCC">
    <textarea name="x_PreviousAddress" cols="30" rows="3"><%= x_PreviousAddress %></textarea>
<td bgcolor="#000099">Postcode&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFFCC"><input type="text" name="x_Postcode" value="<%= x_Postcode %>" size=30 maxlength=20>&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#000099">School&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFFCC">
  <select name="x_School" id="x_School">
    <option value="Select School">Select School...</option>
While (NOT Recordset2.EOF)
    <option value="<%=(Recordset2.Fields.Item("allschools").Value)%>"><%=(Recordset2.Fields.Item("allschools").Value)%></option>
If (Recordset2.CursorType > 0) Then
End If
  <td valign="top" bgcolor="#000099">Extra districts?<br>
      If not a KMBC school,<br> 
      enter here</td>
  <td bgcolor="#FFFFCC">
    <textarea name="x_districts" cols="30" rows="2" id="x_districts"><%= x_districts %></textarea>
<td bgcolor="#000099">Pending&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFFCC">

<INPUT NAME="x_Pending" TYPE="Radio" VALUE="Yes" CHECKED<% If x_Pending = False Then %>CHECKED<% End If %>>
<%= "Yes" %>

<INPUT NAME="x_Pending" TYPE="Radio"  VALUE="No"<% If x_Pending = False Then %>CHECKED<% End If %>>
<%= "No" %>

&nbsp;(please change to Yes if not added to EMS yet)</td>
<td valign="top" bgcolor="#000099">Additional comments&nbsp;</td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFFCC">
<textarea name="x_Additional_comments" cols="30" rows="3"><%= x_Additional_comments %></textarea>
<input type="submit" name="Action" value="ADD">

Set Recordset2 = Nothing
Set Recordset1 = Nothing

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