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Default Webbased project and 3D Model

Hi, all,

I am working on a new web-based project created using java, but doesn't limit to Java, I just want to get some idea from you.

My problem is that we have a 3D model created using some other tool and now we want to combine it to our web application, when user click a button, it will be loaded, and wish we can communicate each other. I have several questions:
1: This 3D model is very complicated and need several minutes to load it and all its geometry data is stored in database, If we want to use it in our webbased application, should we create it as .exe file or .dll file?

2: should we run the 3D model in server side or in client side?, if in server side, I think it will be very slow; if let user download it to local computer when user first run it, how to handel the data? if download the database together with the 3D project to local, in this case, the data is not unique,everybody has his own data,and also if user change it, the changes cannot be feedback to server, am I right?

any idea will be very appreciated.

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