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Thanks a bunch for the quick response. I hate to be a pain, but part of the reason I was going to try my hand was to be able to suggest how it might be done. What you have is great if you have email filters. What I had been thinking was something even simpler (or combined with what you added). I was thinking of having the email subject contain some character like an asterisk so that when messages are sorted, you can very easily see what threads you have been involved in without the need to look thru a message. Something like this:

[*P2P_Feed] Enhancement Request

I often will delete an older thread if it has lots of messages because I figure someone else is helping. But I still have to read thru them to remember if I was involved. If you don't have auto preview or a preview pane, then you still have to open the message(s).

Something like the above is also very handy, because in a list of messages that are sorted by subject (and thus by forum,thread) this would put all "involved" threads at the top of the list.

Obviously, what you added has minimal impact on the users as it's only a slight addition to the email contents. But just thought I would suggest it.