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Also I like the idea that the FAQ and Code Download page link directly to APress. But if people don't read them, why would they read the links?
I tend to think that people with less than perfect English skills ( if you've noticed BTW this accounts for 99% of the people asking these questions ) tend to scan for the book title only and when they don't find it make no attempt at translating anything else on the page. This accounts for people who ask the same question in the same forum directly after someone else has asked that exact question. So all the "The code is here" lines in the world won't help -- that is unless you translate it into several languages or better yet offer the "complete" book list. For instance, if the tables were turned, I know a little Spanish, and I know if this were a Spanish website I wouldn't bother trying to read everything on the page. I'd look for the text matching that of me libro. Again, the laziness factor not included, because as we all know this variable is always going to be in the equation. Think like the lazy, emulate the lazy and then derive your solution.


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