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Old June 17th, 2005, 11:11 AM
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Default Background-image:url()


Is there any reason why this will work on some of my pages and not on others? Here is the code frm my stylesheet:

    BACKGROUND: url(logo.gif) #fff no-repeat right bottom; MARGIN: 0px; FONT: 8pt/16pt tahoma; COLOR: black

    BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse;

#footer {
    TEXT-ALIGN: center
#footer A:link {
    MARGIN-RIGHT: 20px
#footer A:visited {
    MARGIN-RIGHT: 20px

#pageHeader {
A:hover {
    COLOR: black; BACKGROUND-COLOR: white; TEXT-DECORATION: underline overline; cursor:url(file:\\\P:\clevedon staff\training program\training pack\devilhand.ani);
A {
    COLOR: black; TEXT-DECORATION: none; cursor:url(file:\\\P:\clevedon staff\training program\training pack\devilhand.ani);
A:visited {
    COLOR: black
active {
    COLOR: black

As you can see, I've kept it very simple, but my logo (which is supposed to be at the bottom right of the page) just refuses to appear! Are there any rudimentary checks I can carry out? The page that I really want it to appear on has the following HTML, apologies for the length of it, but Im at my wits end!


<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="file:///P:/Clevedon%20Staff/Training%20Program/Training%20Pack/bodystyle2.css">
<title>Service Main Menu</title>

#postit { position: absolute; width: 250; background-color: lightyellow; visibility:
               hidden; z-index: 100; cursor: hand; border: 1px solid black;
               padding: 5px }
<base target="_self">
<meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 4.0">
<meta name="ProgId" content="FrontPage.Editor.Document">

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" vlink="#000080" alink="#000080" link="#000080">

<table border="1" width="101%" height="218" bgcolor="#000000" background="bgcolor.gif">
<td width="43%" height="19" bgcolor="#000000" align="left" background="bgcolor.gif">
<p align="left"><strong><b>[u].Daily
<td width="27%" height="19" bgcolor="#000000" align="left" background="bgcolor.gif">
<p align="left"><strong><b>[u].Booking</u></b></strong></td>
<td width="30%" height="19" bgcolor="#000000" align="left" background="bgcolor.gif">
<p align="left"><strong><b>[u].Rescheduling</u></b></strong></td>
<td width="43%" height="174" valign="top" align="left" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<li>.<a href="workshop_jobs_.htm">VR
Codes Requiring Further Action</a> (Quick, Incomplete)[Updated]</li>
<li>.<a href="visit%20result%20codes.doc">Visit result codes</a>
(Word) (Complete)</li>
<li><a href="Comets%20repair%20policy.doc">.Comet's
New Repair Policy</a> (Word)</li>
<li><a href="Operating%20Hours%20and%20Escalation%20Proce ss.doc">.Operating
Hours and Escalation Process</a> (Word)</li>
<li><a href="app_codes_and_statuses.htm">.</a><a href="app_codes_and_statuses.htm">App
Codes and Statuses</a>
<li>.<a href="file:///P:/clevedon%20staff/training%20program/training%20pack/Field%20Job%20Routes.htm">Field
Job Routes</a></li>
<li>.<a href="file:///P:/clevedon%20staff/training%20program/Problem%20Items.htm">Problem
<li><a href="Service%20Centre%20Contact%20List%20Quick%20 Reference.html">.Service
Centre Contact List </a>(Quick Reference)</li>
<li>.<a href="file:///P:/clevedon%20staff/training%20program/training%20pack/accessories.htm">Returns
<li>.<a href="file:///P:/clevedon%20staff/training%20program/training%20pack/Repair%20Charges.htm">Repair
<li>.<a href="/P:/clevedon%20staff/training%20program/training%20pack/ICCL.htm">Insurance
Company Contacts</a></li>
<li>.<a href="file:///P:/clevedon%20staff/training%20program/training%20pack/hotel__restaurant.htm">Travel
Inn Brown Goods Servicing</a></li>
<li>.<a href="vcr_clock_settings.htm">VCR
Clock Settings</a></li>
<li>.<a href="javascript:alert('Sky service Tel no: 08702 435000 over 28 days old. If its under 28 days - take to retail.')">Sky
<li>.<a href="digital_camera_repairs.htm">Digital
<li>.<a href="Comets%20New%20Repair%20Policy.htm">Comets
New Repair Policy</a></li>
<li>.<a href="http://www.miele.co.uk/newprom/pdf/DishwashingCF2004.pdf">Miele
Extended Cover Terms and Conditions</a></li>
<li>.<a href="http://www.miele.co.uk/" target="new">Miele
Products Covered</a> (When the page loads, click on the &quot;Current
Promotions&quot; section).</li>
<li>.<a href="new_scottish_delivery_service.htm">New
Scottish Delivery Service</a></li>
<li>.<a href="home_delivery_services_.htm">Home
Delivery Service</a></li>
<li>.<a href="After%20Sales%20Service%20Forms.htm">After
Sales Service Forms</a></li>
<li>.<a href="SLA%20Enquiry.doc">SLA
<li>.<a href="Mobile%20Phone%20Repair%20Information.doc">M obile
Phone Repairs</a>&nbsp; (Word)</li>
<li>.<a href="302%20reScheduling%20Cancelling.doc">302
Rescheduling/Cancelling</a>&nbsp; (Word)</li>
<li>.<a href="302%20Scheduling.doc">302
Scheduling</a>&nbsp; (Word)</li>
<li>.<a href="SED%20Process.doc">SED
Process</a> (Word)</li>
<li>.<a href="Refrigeration%20Food%20Loss.htm">Refrigerati on
Food Loss</a></li>
<li>.<a href="Brown%20Goods%20Manufacturer%20Contact%20Lis t%20Issue%203%201204.doc">Brown
Goods Manufacturer Helpline Contacts</a> (Word)</li>
<li>.<a href="White%20Goods%20Manufacturer%20Contact%20Lis t%20Issue%203%201204.doc">White
Goods Manufacturer Helpline Contacts</a> (Word)</li>
<li>.<a href="Updated%20Replacement%20Procedure.doc">Fix
It For Me</a> (Word)</li>
<li>.<a href="/P:/clevedon%20staff/training%20program/training%20pack/SERVICES%20&amp;%20HO%20CONTACT%20LIST%20Issue%202 5%201204.doc">Service
Centre Contact List</a>
<li><a href="Freeview%20Signals.doc">Freeview
Signals</a> (Word)&nbsp; <img src="new.png" width="33" height="16" alt="new.png (4893 bytes)"></li>
<li><a href="Maps%20Procedures.doc">MAPS
Procedures</a> (Word) <img src="new.png" width="33" height="16" alt="new.png (4893 bytes)"></li>
<li><a href="camcorder%20repairs.htm">Camcorder
Repairs</a> <img src="new.png" width="33" height="16" alt="new.png (4893 bytes)"></li>
You may receive telephone calls regarding fire incidents concerning Indesit D63
dishwashers. Having spoken to Phil and Martin, we have agreed that in order to
reassure our customers of the safety of our products, can you please respond by
directing any consumer calls to our dedicated helpline number 0845 4564226, or
website address www.indesitservice.co.uk, where we will answer the consumers
<td width="27%" height="89" valign="top" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<li>.<a href="file:///P:/clevedon%20Staff/training%20program/training%20pack/guide%20to%20service.htm">Guide
To Booking a Service Call</a></li>
<li>.<a href="inline.html">Bookings Main Page</a></li>
<li>.<a href="tilesrus.htm">Booking
a Tiles 'r' Us Job</a></li>
<li>.<a href="gias.htm">Booking
a Gias Job</a></li>
<li>.<a href="Types%20of%20app%20cover.doc">Type
Of Appliance Cover</a> (Word)</li>
<li>.<a href="Booking%20Pizza%20Hut%20Calls.doc">Pizza
Hut</a> (Word)</li>
<li>.<a href="Remote%20Bookings.doc">Remote
<li><a href="Family%20Fund%20Procedures.doc">.Family
Fund Procedures (Word)</a></li>
<td width="30%" height="99" valign="top" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<li>.<a href="file:///P:/clevedon%20Staff/training%20program/training%20pack/rescheduling.htm">Re-scheduling
a Job </a>[Updated]</li>
<li>.<a href="file:///P:/clevedon%20Staff/training%20program/training%20pack/rebook.htm">Rebooking
Once Parts Are Delivered</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;</li>
<li>.<a href="cancelling_before_visit.htm">Cancelling
Before Visit</a> [Updated]</li>
<li>.<a href="file:///P:/clevedon%20Staff/training%20program/training%20pack/cancel%20long%20way%20before%20visit.htm">Cancelli ng
Before Visit (The Long Way)</a></li>
<li>.<a href="file:///P:/clevedon%20Staff/training%20program/training%20pack/Other.htm">Other
Useful Links</a></li>
<li>.<a href="Rescheduling%20job%20on%20VR%20of%20OC.doc"> Re-scheduling
Jobs at OC</a> (Word)</li>
<li>.<a href="file:///P:/clevedon%20Staff/training%20program/training%20pack/Changing%20Customer%20Details.doc">Changing
Customer Details</a> (Word)</li>
<li>.<a href="Changing%20Service%20Cover%20Arrangements.do c">Changing
Service Cover</a> (Word)</li>
<li>.<a href="file:///P:/clevedon%20Staff/training%20program/training%20pack/Parts%20Requested%20Enquiry.doc">Parts
Requested Enquiry </a>(Word)</li>
<p align="left">.<a href="claimback.htm" target="_self">Serial
Numbers</a> [Updated]</p>
<p align="left">.<a href="file:///P:/clevedon%20Staff/training%20program/training%20pack/summary_matrices.htm">Summary
Matrices</a> [Updated]</li>
<script language ="javascript">
function scrolloff(){
document.getElementById("marquee1").scrollAmount = 0
function scrollon(){
document.getElementById("marquee1").scrollAmount = 10



\'sync\' &lt;cr&gt;
The name specified is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
Old June 17th, 2005, 11:21 AM
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Ok, there's no way I'm even going to try to read that markup. If you're going to post a mess like that you could make an attempt at making it indented, tidy and readable!

That said...
BACKGROUND: url(logo.gif) #fff no-repeat right bottom;

background: #fff url(logo.gif) no-repeat bottom right;

The order of the values isn't supposed to matter, but that's the way it's documented. I haven't tried it myself, so I don't know. You also want to check for background colors of other elements, within the <body> element that could be blocking your background.

Try something like this to see the edges of all elements

* {
    border: 1px solid black;

Or, another debugging technique:

body * {
    display: none;

This will hide all children of the <body> element, where you can see if your background image shows up, and narrow the field a bit. If it doesn't show up here, check the file path. If neither of these debugging styles show up, check the file path to your stylesheet.


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